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Premier Provider of Innovative Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Water Treatment Solutions since 1987
Premier Provider of Innovative Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Water Treatment Solutions since 1987


Sioux Steam-Flo® - Low Pressure Steam Generator

The Sioux Steam-Flo® Low-Pressure industrial steam generator is a perfect source of low-pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This unit can be used in place of a conventional boiler for low-pressure applications. These industrial steam generators produce 370-3,450 lbs. (168-1,564 kg) per hour of saturated steam in minutes. Sioux has manufactured the Steam-Flo® steam generator since 1939. Thousands of these portable steam generators are in operation worldwide, providing years of trouble-free service.

Dakota II Series - Industrial Steam Cleaning

Industrial steam cleaning is an entirely different process from hot water pressure washing. Water in an industrial steam cleaning machine is heated up to 320°F (160°C) at a low pressure up to 250 PSI (17.24 BAR). The commercial steam cleaning equipment uses steam’s expansion to accelerate water droplets, at the boiling point, to a high velocity out of a specialized steam cleaning nozzle. Unlike a pressure washer nozzle, the steam cleaning nozzle has an expansion zone placed past the pressure orifice, which directs the water vapor energy to a smaller area, instead of dissipating in all directions. The tremendous expansion is directed by the conical steam nozzle, accelerating the water droplets. The expansion nozzle's effect can be compared to that of the choke of a shotgun. Not only does the expansion nozzle direct the steam cleaner's output, but it also serves as a propulsion chamber. The closer the steam cleaner's nozzle is to the surface to be cleaned, the higher the temperature and velocity of the water/steam mixture, and the more rapid the cleaning action. For many cleaning applications, the nozzle should be held close to the soiled surface to achieve the best results.

Optima Steamer - Dry Steam Vapor

Optima Steamers offer smaller portable dry steam vapor machines offered in both all electric and diesel fired ‑ to hot water extractors, microfiber towels and a full offering of accessories developed for broad cleaning solutions and unique industrial applications. All of our products are carefully selected from the most respected, reliable manufacturers, developed to meet the highest standards in the industry.

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